Mr, Garfield, you are a God-send, a selfless genius and a true patriot! Because of your selflessness and your tireless effort to bring that which has been done in darkness into the light, I just went sui juris, as Plaintiff against Wells Fargo/MERS and the band of attorneys they sicked on me, and won my case on default. The attorneys did not file an answer, did not appear for a single hearing and did not file a shred of anything into the case file. In conferences, the attorneys assured me they were “on the way” to the hearings, but subsequently never showed. After the time for filing an answer passed with no answer filed, I asked the lead attorney if he was aware that his firm had defaulted in the matter and his official response was, “You know, somehow I think you already knew we couldn’t really respond to that particular pleading.” 🙂

I have seen several of your video clips floating around YouTube (which is what ultimately led me here) and would like to post those same videos on my own YouTube channel. I’ll not post the link to my channel here as I don’t want such to be seen as a plug. The videos to which I refer are the same that you offer on this site for free. I’ve not seen any copyright-related information on those videos, but still like to ask permission before posting. May I have your permission to post? If you want the link to my channel to make sure you approve, please contact me offline.

With respect to your hard work and your willingness to be a true light-bringer, I leave you with three comments:

T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

T H A N K Y O U ! ! !



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